Dear Old Chicago

by Kevin Church

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Re mix to one of Kevin Church's staple songs.


Dear old Chicago
Words and music: Kevin Church

Dear old Chicago,
You gave it your best,
Maybe tomorrow your killer will confess,
Killer will confess,

They've taken the things from your apartment,
Sold back your brand new car,
Your girl's gonna give her hand to another,
Everybody's been takin' it hard,

Newspapers say you committed suicide,
Friends claim murder in the first degree,
No one's had the courage to stand up and come clean,


Your parents wish they could do something,
Me, I should've taken you out,
For a beer, burger, caught a buzz,
But you're better off now,

In the end we're just a memory,
Waiting to strike when the time is right,
I don't recall you talkin about enemies,
Don't know why you had to die,


Now the cokeheads still stay up late,
They stay up for days an' days an' days and days,
While the working class forgets you,
Picking up the pace

The authorities built a jailhouse,
Laid your case to rest,
You're lookin' good in your Sunday suit,
It covers the hole in your chest

Dear old Chicago,
You're a friend of mine,
Maybe tomorrow,
I'll forgive 'em this one time,

Dear old Chicago,
You gave it your best
Maybe tomorrow
Your killer will confess,

Killer will confess.


released June 23, 2016
Recorded and mixed by Kevin Church



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